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BeerPongMax™ 8ft


You can guarantee that you will be the life and soul of your man cave party when you whip out your balls, throw them on the table and use your deteriorating vision to try and squeeze them into your opponents cup!

Beer Pong is a fantastic game that originated from frat parties in the United States of America and has made its way across the pond where it is now an incredibly popular drinking game amongst the masses in the UK.

There is definitely a skill required when it comes to aiming your bouncy balls at your opponents cups. Couple this with an increasing amount of alcohol, it becomes a rip roaring game of fun for you and all of your mates to enjoy!

The BeerPongMax™ 8ft is the official size for a beer pong table and can be neatly stored away through a unique folding mechanism. This is a guaranteed crowdpleaser that will quickly become the life and soul of any party!

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  • Most sought after portable beer pong table in UK
  • 8-ft x 2-ft surface area (regulation size)
  • Folds down into a portable briefcase 2-ft x 2-ft x 5-inch
  • Two handles make transportation of your beer pong table easy
  • Become the life and soul of your next party by purchasing a BeerPongMax® table
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