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“Evil” Jared’s Folding Beer Pong Table


The “Evil” Jared’s Folding Beer Pong Table Is part of our professional range of beer pong table tables. This is really only suitable for trusted ping-pong ball connoisseurs who take the game very seriously indeed…

This amazing beer pong table is made from high-strength aluminium which is incredibly strong as well as being very light weight. This allows you to be able to move and position your beer pong table within your man cave very easily indeed.

It is also very easy to pack away quickly as well, so if you hear your girlfriend creeping up the stairs to check up on you, you can quickly get it folded up and underneath the chaise longue as quickly as possible and she will be none the wiser!

Another fantastic feature about this beer pong table is that it is 100 percent waterproof! So, no matter how wet your balls get, this will be able to handle it!

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  • PREMIUM: Evil Jared’s Beer Pong Table for amatourish and professional tournaments
  • OFFICIAL: Open 240 x 60 x 70 cm, closed 62 x 60 x 14 cm
  • RESISTANT: aluminium and stainless steel, water resistant and easily washable top
  • OPTIC: The green football field design perfectly highlights the red game cups
  • Tested by EVIL JARED HASSELHOFF! Conclusion: “It gets your balls wet”
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