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Star Trek Pinball Machine


Beam me up Scotty! The Star Trek pinball machine has finally touched-down on planet earth and is ready to come and attention within your man cave..

This incredible, professional pinball machine has been made to the very high specification is possible and is guaranteed to provide a nostalgic experience that will bring you back to your youth!

No longer will you have to save up your pennies to try and beat the high score. Now, You can play for free as many times as you like on your own iconic special machine.

You play as Captain Kirk fighting to save the Planet from evil. This is incredibly important mission that you must undertake and therefore this provides the perfect excuse as to why you are not able to help with the washing up… Win Win!

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  • Real pinball machine like in the arcades!
  • Can be coin operated or set to free play
  • Made in USA
  • Unique tie in with STAR TREK
  • Other games in stock from the UK’s number 1 pinball supplier!
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