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Syntrox Digital Beer Cooler


Have you ever dreams of being the landlord of your own pub? Well, now this is possible without all of the expense and drama of dealing with all the drama!

Simply install the Syntrox Digital Beer Cooler Behind your bar within your own man cave and invite only your closest mates to kick back and relax and enjoy the fresh taste of a beautifully cold and crisp draft lager..

This unique product has its own patented draught system that doesn’t require any CO2 gas canisters so it will save you plenty of money in the long term so that you can invest in even more really cool man cave products instead!

Get pumping today!


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  • With this device, you no longer have the expensive and annoying pleasure of constantly having to buy new CO² cartridges.
  • It works solely by using its own integrated and patented pump system – no cartridges required.
  • Integrated pump: this pump guarantees a head on your pint.
  • Max. power usage is only 72W, 220-240V; Dimensions: 435 x 320 x 450 mm.
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