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Wooden Hardboard Folding Wallpaper Paste Pasting Table


If you are a complete tight arse and don’t want to spend money on one of our professional beer pong tables. Then this Wooden Hardboard Folding Wallpaper Paste Pasting Table will definitely be able to do the trick..

It doesn’t have all of the additions and extras that our more expensive beer pong tables come with such as the vinyl cover the top with the cupholder placement options etc. But…

It will certainly do the trick and you might save a few more pennies. Therefore, you can buy even more products from our website in the process! Winner!

This product is absolutely perfect for those people who like to duck out when it’s their turn to buy a round..

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  • Length of Table: 180cm
  • Thickness of Table: 3cm
  • Width of Table: 56cm
  • Easily fold for storage
  • Includes carry handle
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